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Subscription Flowers

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one this is the perfect way to give or receive beautiful fresh and seasonal flowers all year long!


You choose the size of the bouquet and the number of months you would like them for and they will be freshly picked and created for you.


Unlike some online flower subscription services who have to rely on flowers flown in from overseas and preserved with chemicals and treated with pesticides for the journey, our flowers are grown here in our own gardens with no harmful chemicals, the majority of which Carolyn grows from seeds or from cuttings. 


Your handtied bunch will change from month to month with the season and what is at it’s very best in the gardens and no two will ever be the same, so it makes it a very unique and special gift!


(On the odd occasion Carolyn may need supplement with additional flowers and if so they will always be brought in from local flower farms aligned with the way we ourselves grow.)

A bouquet from Home Close brings the joy of an English country garden into your home.  The colours and fragrance are glorious and the flowers always beautifully presented.  I subscribed to a bouquet a month last summer and have just had another this Spring.  The flowers reflect the season and are in perfect condition.  A wonderful way to treat yourself or a dear friend – I always look forward to collecting mine. Why import your magic when it’s on the doorstep!   
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